Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm not sure why, but this is funny.

If you've been around the internet a lot, this one is most definitely not new to you. I've been asked what I think the funniest thing on the internet is. This guy just might be it. Drat!

This is his "second attempt". Its his best, but his third attempt is quite funny too. “That’s one of the things I hate about balloons” is my favorite line from #3.

Kids, stay in school, and move out of mom's house before you turn 40.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where are they now?

Note: There are NO SPOILERS in this post. The spoilers are all in the "comments" section.
Last week I had a business trip to D.C., which was a great timing for me since it gave me about 10 total airplane hours (first class) plus a bunch of hotel hours to read Harry Potter book 7. I have to say that while book 1 remains for me the funnest of the series, this one easily wins the contest for best HP book.
But after reading 7 volumes and over 4000 pages (8000 for those of us who have done so twice), it is a sad thing to see it end. It is especially hard to have to sit and ponder "I wonder what <<insert character name here>> did with his/her/its life." I know, some of you are yelling through your PC at me (Dale) that they are fictional characters, so they did nothing, or they did whatever I want to imagine they did. But for those of you like me, this is not good enough. It is for those like me that I have a bit of good news. Yesterday, a bunch of people like us got JK Rowling to do a web chat, and share her feelings about what happened to some of the characters later in life. No joke.
So please click on "comments" below find out what she said, and also to join me in some Pottertalk (again, I already admitted I'm a nerd.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The transformation is complete

I'm a Star Wars fan. I read Harry Potter even though I'm 36. And now I have a blog. It is complete. I'm a nerd.