Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A walk at The Mall

After work today I decided to go on a 5 mile walk at The Mall. I had my camera with me so I took a few shots and thought I'd brake my long-time blog silence.

This is a shot of the National Mall. I took it while sitting on Lincoln's lap. OK, they wouldn't let me do that, even after I explained I'm American. But I did take it from the top of the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial.

See? Doesn't his lap look inviting? Hard to tell scale from this photo, but there's room for a dozen red blooded Americans up there!

This is me at the Vietnam and Korean War memorials. I'm the one in the blue shirt. For those that have never been there, seen here is about 1/50th of the Vietnam Memorial. The Korean War Memorial is cool because until up close it looks like an ungraved huge stone with smudges on it.

This is the WWII memorial with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. If you visit, don't miss this little "Killroy was here" gem hidden in a back crevice by an air vent.

Here's the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

Here's the White House from the Mall and from Pennsylvania Avenue.

I love the Washington DC license plates.


Deannie said...

Boo Hoo, you're there without me!! I'm missing you babe, and seeing these pics just makes it worse! Get home soon! Love ya!

Dale and Shanell said...

Great pictures! I love the reflection shots. Those are like PROFESSIONAL! Ok, my favorite memory with you is when we went out to dinner and target when Dale and I were only married a few years. I was laughing about the arabic numbers for like thirty minutes.

Another great memory was when we went to Disneyland with you guys. That was some good times!

RyanAZ said...

Agreed, Shanell. Memories of the Arabic numbered clock at Target will always bring a grin & giggle out of me.

kodiak73 said...

I did pretty much the same walk during a business trip to DC a while back as well. My mistake was not being prepared with a good pair of shoes. After that walk I hurt far more than anything my running has done to me.

For your GeeWhiz file, quite a bit of the marble you looked at that day was quarried from the marble mine I now work for...